Rustic wall mounted home bar made with new European redwood. Heavy Built with up to one inch thick timber. A perfect Valentines present.



Supplied in a CLEAN SANDED FINISH ready for you to wax, paint or stain to your personal taste. Made from European Redwood ans is 60cm wide x 109cm high.

Storage and display for large gin glasses or if you wish large wine glasses. A storage shelf for wine bottles and 3 drip free spirit optics. A generous pint glass storage shelf is also included.

The displayed bottles & glasses are not included!

This handmade heavy Built with new European Redwood is designed to last a lifetime. With storage for 5 large gin glasses, up to 6 pint glasses or 8 whisky glasses, plus a storage shelf that will hold a mixture off wine glasses and wine or spirit bottles.

We are in constant contact with our customers and
"we do listen to you", so we have redesigned our bottom wine storage shelf size, so it now will store your large gin glasses and of course will still display your wine glasses.

Optics description.
3 Bottle Wall Mounted Spirit Drink Dispenser Bar Shot Measurer. Our stylish three bottle wall mounted spirit dispenser holds three bottles simultaneously has a high quality aluminium construction and is equally perfect for use in bars or in your home! The height of the bottle holders can be adjusted up to 35cm to take almost any sized bottle and it's stylish design looks great in any setting. The bottle holders are spring loaded to keep the bottles securely held in place and each of the optics have secure fitting and hygienic seals to avoid leaks. Each calibrated dispenser is spring loaded and designed to dispense 35ml pours reliably and without drips every time! Holds up to 3 bottles Ideal for home use. Also adjustable to take bottles up to 35cm high (most standard spirit bottles) constructed from professional grade aluminium. The whisky bottle on our home bar is 1 litre in size. Also the 2 outside glasses on the bottom shelf are large gin glasses.

The original design off your home bar gives you a handsome compact and practical means off displaying and storing your favourite tipple. So you have a ready supply off àssorted drinks conveniently available for you to enjoy after your stressful hard days graft!

Cheers & enjoy Tom!!!!